Price list of Apartment 2+1 / Apartment no.1 and no.2

Price list of Apartment 2+2 / Apartment no.3 and no.4

Price list of Apartment 4+2 / Apartment no.5

In case of discount prices is the level of discount measured from basic price of the particular month.

Fees at your own transportation

We have tried every possible route towards Vodice.As most preferable route to Vodice from Bratislava we decided this via highway: Bratislava – Budapest -Zagreb – Split – Vodice. The length of this route is 870 km.

Exchange rate: 1€ = 7,717 Kn (Kuna)
Toll sticker Hungary: 10 days - 12,90€ / private car
Road-toll Zagreb: 5,00€ / private car
Road-toll Vodice: 19,00€ / private car