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Historical town,beautiful beaches,glassclear sea,romantic lanes,modern docks- these all is Vodice. The town Vodice is situated 11 km northwest from the medieval town Sibenik with population about 5000 inhabitants. There is a rich vegetation around the town becuse of its many natural watersprings. Along the coast there is a breathtaking boardwalk lined with palms. Glassclear sea is ideal for swimming and diving enthusiasts and yacht lovers as well.There are plenty of little souvenir shops, pubs, cafes where you can experience the real croatian feel. The town was awarded with „turistički cvijet“ price (tourist flower) which is disposed only to towns with exceptional tourist offer.

Town Vodice was populated in early roman times and its name was Arausa.In medieval times was a long time under siege of the Osman empire,but thanks to strong fortification the wasnt defeated.It is a pity that the fortification is not preserved to these days because it was used for building urban houses for inhabitants. Only the „Čoricevova tower“ remained preserved.You can visit many old churches,for example Church of Saint Cross and many others.

Čoricev tower:

This tower was built in 1646 by Forda family. Living and defending facility is surrounded by a high wall. Because it was a very hard time, the stones that the tower was built from was taken from Brač island. Nowadays there are theatre events taking place on the courtyard in summer.

The Church of the Saint Cross:

Gothic church was built in 1421. It was sanctified to the Holy Cross. During summer many exhibitions take place there.

County Church of the holy Cross:

It was built on the remains of an old chapel in baroque style. Author of the buidling is Ivan Skoke. Sidewalls are decorated by glass windows from the same era, inner part of the building boasts of baroque altar sanctified to Holy Cross. Bell tower was built by Vicko Macanovic and it took him 20 years to finish it.

The Church of Saint Ilija the Prophet:

The church was built in year 1298 by the inhabitants of Pisca. In the year of 1493 it was sanctified to Saint Illija the Prophet. Nowadays only one holy service is served every year, it is on 20.8.

The actual name of the town is connected with the many watersprings which surround this town. Town Vodice is near the sea, in a big bay. Ideal for a holiday vacation full of fun. It is awarded by the „tourist flower“ price which is delivered only to the best tourist places in Croatia. There is a big harbour in the centre of Vodice and was awarded by the „blue flag“ for its services and comfort.

During day you can take sunbath on beautiful beaches which are clean and tidy. The sea on the coast beach is shallow what is perfect for families with children.

The best known beaches are: Hangar – beach covered with special ballast. Plava plaža (blue beach) - beach covered with sand which 4 km long leading to Tribunj. Tribunj is a fisherman village with beaches, harbour and promenade. If you are seeking quiet and calm place then you are on right place.

There are plenty of sporting possibilities for sport lovers like: beach volleyball, football, basketball, biking, diving, fitness, waterbiking, parasailing and many others. If you want to explore the near neighbourhood you can take the boat cruise to seaport Krka, seaport Kornati or a cruise to island Zlarin. Other trips can be made to natural parks „Vranske“ lake, Skradin, Šibenik, island Prvič, seaport Paklenica, island Murter and many archaelogical places. During your night time walk along the coast you can taste real croatian specialities in typical home restaurants.

If you dont want go to the town by walk, you can take a ride on a train called „Vodiska ferata“. It runs every hour.

Vodice - a non-barrier town. Everywhere you go, you are able to enter every shop, restaurant easily without obstacles. So it is not unusual to see disabled people on wheelchairs everyhere.

Vodice - is considered as the most beautiful and clean centre of the Adriatic sea. It belongs to the best seaside resorts in Croatia, no wonder it is called the croatian „Saint Tropez“.


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The best known beach in vodice is so called „Blue beach“ (Plava plaža). It is very clean and tidy. It is almost 4 km long. It was awarded by the „Blue flag“ price in year 2013.

Next important beach also awarded by „Blue flag“ is Srima. It lays 2 km southeast from the town centre.

Young people prefer main town beach „Hookah beach“ which is full of fun night and day.

The beaches in Vodice go gently to the sea, so they are suitable for children too. Most of the beaches are surrounded by pine flora.

Most of the beaches offer all kinds of fun and sport activities.

There are cement plates near some hotels as places of relax and tanning.

Top 5 Croatia

Do you want to see the best from Croatia?

We bring you top 5 of what you can see in Croatia in culture, nature, restaurants and night life.

  1. Split:

    The biggest town on Croatian coast. It belongs to the most sunny towns in Europe, the town with heart and soul.

    Distance Vodice - Split: 100 km / 1 hour and 14 minutes by car.

  2. Zadar:

    Ancient mediterranean town,built according to roman urban rules.Many churches and cultural monuments are well preserved.The town with the best sunset.

    Distance Vodice - Zadar: 63 km / 57 minutes by car.

  3. Šibenik: „Town of Kresimir“

    „Town of Kresimir“ there is a Cathedral of Saint Jacob, most beautiful building in europes late medieval time. From the year 2000 it belongs to Unesco world heritage.

    Distance Vodice - Šibenik: 13 km / 14 minutes by car.

  4. Dubrovník: „The Adriatic Pearl“

    „The Adriatic Pearl“ economic and cultural centre of south Dalmatia. Baroque city state full of cultural heritage and historical monuments.

    Distance Vodice - Dubrovník: 290 km / 3 hours and 33 minutes by car.

  5. Hvar:

    The 4th biggest island. Is a town which looks like taken from fairy tale, beautiful nature and mild climate.

    Distance Vodice - Split: 100 km / 1 hour and 14 minutes by car + ferryboat 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  1. Plitvice:

    The best known and most visited national park in croatia. Plitvicke lakes is terrace like system consisting of 16 lakes. From year 1979 it is written under Unesco world heritage.

    Distance Vodice - Plitvice: 181 km / 2 hours and 11 minutes by car.

  2. Kornati:

    In the year of 1980 were 89 islands of Kornati pronounced as national park because of its beauty and diversity of underwater life.

    Distance Vodice - Kornati: you can go there by boat, it is about 25 km from Vodice to Kornati.

  3. Krka:

    There are 7 waterfalls on the Krka river which belong to the nicest waterfalls in Europe.

    Distance Vodice - Krka lake: 15 km / 18 minutes by car, the Krka National Park 48 km / 55 minutes by car.

  4. Neretva:

    Biggest river canyon in Croatia.

    Distance Vodice - Neretva: 195 km / 2 hours and 32 minutes by car.

  5. Elafiti:

    In translation „Deer islands“ are often visited by tourists because of its beauty and sand beaches.

    Distance Vodice - Dubrovník: 290 km / 3 hours and 33 minutes by car + ferryboat to Elafiti island: 23km - 2 hours.

  1. Šibenik:

    Zlatni ribic - „Golden fish“ - exclusive sea restaurant which offers many fish and other sea creature meals, also many types of vine is been served.

    Distance Vodice - Šibenik: 13 km / 14 minutes by car.

  2. Skradin:

    Zlatne skoljke -long gastronomic tradition. Big variety of sea food and vine.

    Distance Vodice - Skradin: 29 km / 28 minutes by car.

  3. Vodice:

    Brunac - traditional croatian kitchen food. Santa Maria - specialized in Mexico kitchen.

    Distance Vodice - Vodice: about 1 km / 10-15 minutes by walk.

  4. Metković:

    Villa Neretva - for healthy food lovers, traditional „Neretva food“.

    Distance Vodice - Metković: 204 km / 2 hours and 14 minutes by car.

  5. Opatija:

    Le Madrac - kind and enjoyable atmosphere is supported by often changed course of food.

    Distance Vodice - Opatija: 300 km / 3 hours and 19 minutes by car.

    You can stop in Opatija on your way back or on your way to Vodice.
  1. Vodice:

    Hacienda - one of the best night clubs in Croatia. www.hacienda.hr

    Distance Vodice - Vodice: about 1 km / 10-15 minutes by walk.

  2. Split:

    Kocka, Masters, Tribu and Metropolis - top clubs full of fun.

    Distance Vodice - Split: 100 km / 1 hour and 13 minutes by car.

  3. Zadar:

    Garden Arona and Gotham - for everybody who seeks big fun.

    Distance Vodice - Zadar: 63 km / 57 minutes by car.

  4. Dubrovník:

    Summer terraces offer many possibilities of fun in each hotel and restaurant.

    Distance Vodice - Dubrovník: 290 km / 3 hours and 33 minutes by car.

  5. Pag:

    Extarordinary „party“ island also known as „Croatian Ibiza“

    Distance Vodice - Pag: 124 km / 1 hour and 41 minutes by car.

Our tips for facultative trips:

A few tips from us of what is worth seeing in town Vodice and its close neighbourhood.


Historical centre, Čoričev tower, Church of Saint Cross, County church of Holy cross, Hacienda, restaurant Brunac, for the young people - beach bars: Hookah, Opium, Makina Exit etc.


Šibenik - is one the nicest towns on the eastern adriatic coast where worked and lived many great artists, scientists and writers. Beautiful romantic stone lanes, remains of city fortification, historical buildings and other monuments. Historical medieval town centre is under Unesco world heritage protection. The most visited are: Cathedral of Saint Jacob, Fort of Saint Nicolaus, Fort of Saint Michael, fort Subicevac, church of saint Barbora ,Bishops Palace, Sea Gate, Entrance to Harbour and Count Palace.


Kornati-breathtaking natures creation. One of the largest group of islands between northern Dalmatian islands, it consists of 147 small islands. Named after the biggest island „Kornatu“ - 36,2 square km. Whole area covered with these islands is about 300 square km. Some of the islands have remains of roman architecture dated back to 1st and 2nd century. George Bernard Shaw once wrote about this magic place: “Gods wanted to crown this place so they created on the last day from the tears of the stars above and breath of the sea Kornati!“. The islands boast of its rich fauna and flora, crystal clear water, it is a real paradise for the divers.


National park consists of major part of beautiful river Krka, natural beauty and historical monuments. The most important historical monuments in the national park are: Franciscan monastery dating back to 15th century, Monastery of Saint Archangel also from the 15th century. You can experience sailing with boat through the cascades. There are 7 waterfalls on the river Krka. You can also get a nice tan in beautiful nature of the national park. Or you can swim in lake with magic blue water.

Cultural Events

There are many events in the town Vodice that you can visit during your holiday. Particular schedule of events, festivals and other actions you can see on link below:

Particular schedule of events,festivals and other actions you can see on link below:

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