The best known beaches
The best known beaches are Blue beach /Plava plaža/ and Srima which are awarded with the „blue flag“ for its beauty and cleanness.
Distance to the beaches
Accommodation facility is 4 minutes away to the beach by walk.
Structure of the beaches
The beaches near Vodice are covered mostly with very small stones with easy entry to the sea,that is the reason why they are suitable for the whole families with children.
Fun and sport
There are many amusement attractions on the beach,like spiral chutes etc.

Non-smoking facility
There is a non-smoking restriction in whole Villa Kristínka facility.
The stay is suitable for families with children
The apartments have the possibilty of 1 or 2 extra-beds.Easy entry to the sea.Children playgrounds in town.
You can park within the facility area or in close neighbourhood.
Shower cabinet
There is shower cabinet in each apartment.
Air conditioning
There are air condition units in each apartment.
Bike rental
You can use bike rental services.Explore the town on bike.
TV + Satellite
Each apartment has its own satellite TV.
Slovak TV channels
Possibilty to watch slovak tv channles beside the foreign ones.
Internet / Wi-Fi
There is a free wi-fi signal for internet browsing in each apartment.
Eating nook
Each apartment offers fully equiped eating nook with double-cooker.
There is a kettle in each eating nook.
There is a refrigerator in each apartment.
Each apartment has its own balcony.
There is a mutual terrace in the facility which you can use during your stay.
The facility offers one mutual grill-place.